Our new remote music collaboration app, Tonic, explained!

We’re a small startup of musicians and artists who wanted something better for making music at home. So we’ve been building an app.

Tonic Audio’s goal is to find creative solutions to common problems of the modern music-maker.

There is an incredible amount of new, inspiring music that gets shared every day, but you’re still struggling to finish your latest song. Music-making is more accessible than ever. Yet, you can’t seem to find inspiration, knock down that creative block, and really enjoy the process. You’re swamped with programs, tools, pieces of paper, emails and DMs, and anxious thoughts. To say it another way, with great technology comes great…overwhelm?
That is why we built our new app, Tonic.

A screen-captured image of a song detail page by the artist Ford Corl, featuring a cover image, an audio file player, an upload button, multiple tracks, comments on the song, and a higher-level navigation sidebar in the app, Tonic.
How many mixes do you go through before you feel like your song is finished?

TONIC is a:

  1. Lightweight, intuitive, simple
  2. Music, podcasts, spoken-word poetry, whatever-audio-you-make
  3. Productivity, organization, unlimited mixes and tracks all in one place,
  4. Collaboration, feedback, song-timeline commenting, privacy-centered sharing
  5. Tool, web app, no-download necessary, for making music, for making more music, for sharing music, for loving music

In other words, we created the remote music collaboration app we wanted to use. It features

  • easy organization of all your music
  • unlimited space for all your projects, songs, and tracks
  • easy and privacy-centered sharing
  • instant song-timeline commenting

No more spam comments or feedback buried in a long thread. No more lost files, whether they’re lost between collaborators or on your own desktop.

We can’t wait to share it with you, and continue to build it better and better.

Got stuff to tell us? Tweet at us or email at hiya@tonicaudio.com

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By Ava Z

Ava is a UX Designer and writer for Tonic Audio.