Tonic Audio: New Features for Songwriters, Bands, and Producers

An Innovative New Approach to Creating, Collaborating on and Sharing Music.

As the music industry and those in the creative space evolve, so does Tonic Audio by creating a new home for artists and their creative assets. Our updated platform gives artists a new approach for cloud storage and remote collaboration.

Creativity, Organized.

Let’s face it—Dropbox and Google Drive weren’t designed for musicians. With our update, Tonic Audio’s novel workspace system intuitively stores and sorts song demos, voice memos, album art, final masters, lyric sheets—everything. Spend less time searching for files and more time actually writing music.

Once you’re ready to make the switch, Tonic integrates with your current cloud storage provider to seamlessly share your files between the two. Start with 5GB free and increase to 1TB as your projects grow. We can’t give you more time in the day, but we can help you use the time you have more efficiently.   

Two’s a Duo, Three’s a Band

Who would Billie Eilish and Finneas be without each other? The new collaborator feature allows users to invite bandmates, co-writers, and producers into their song’s workspace, integrating the creative and collaborative processes.

Once your team is ready, take full advantage of our collaborators’ tools. Receive timestamp-based feedback on any section of your song & forget emailing comments back and forth. ​​With Tonic’s customizable privacy settings, ensure that only the people you want to hear your music can access it.

About Tonic Audio

At the core of Tonic Audio is a commitment to musician-centered tools that help bring more beauty and art into the world. With decades of experience in tech startups and hardware design, Tonic Audio is passionate about staying at the edge of what is possible and creating tech solutions for artists.

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By Mike Powers

Mike is a composer, arranger, and artist manager who writes for Tonic Audio.