Tonic Audio Welcomes Alex Coronfly to Advisory Team

We are thrilled to announce that former major label marketing executive Alex Coronfly has joined the Tonic Audio team! Alex will add his considerable industry experience to Tonic Audio’s intuitive suite of solutions and tools that help musicians collaborate and get their projects completed more efficiently and effectively.

Getting things done effectively is what Alex has been doing for over 20 years at the music industry’s highest level. In his work on the promotion and marketing teams at Geffen Records, Reprise Records and Capitol Records respectively, Alex was an integral part of the teams that successfully launched projects from Katy Perry, Sam Smith, Alanis Morissette, George Michael, and Green Day to name a few.  During his time at three major labels, Alex’s job was to promote fledgling and established artists to radio stations on a national level. As the digital world grew, new opportunities for exposure presented themselves for artists both locally and nationally.

Alex’s advisement will create a handful of new opportunities for Tonic. We see the problems musicians face from one angle. He sees them from an entirely different perspective—one that could only come from an industry veteran. We’re excited to explore the opportunities that might come our way through his connections to the music industry.

We got the chance to talk with Alex a few weeks ago about the state of the music industry. Something that really stood out was his commitment to musicians’ success. The “Predatory Record Label” is a stock figure in music industry lore, ensnaring young musicians and turning them into something they’re not. Alex reminds us that, while musicians can and do lose themselves on their way to the top, they can also find success by staying true to what they know is unique about them and their music. If you’re looking for something to brighten your day, you can listen to our entire conversation with Alex here.

Tonic Audio helps musicians collaborate more effortlessly and make beautiful music together. We can’t wait to start working with Alex to achieve this goal!

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By Mike Powers

Mike is a composer, arranger, and artist manager who writes for Tonic Audio.