What is Tonic Audio?

Tonic Audio is an application for your computer that serves as a home for all your musical ideas. With Tonic, organize your projects, instantly share music files with collaborators, and add stems to your songs.

Store your music with up to 1TB of space available—no more deleting voice memos to free up space. Tonic’s interface is specifically designed to help you store and organize your music by song, album, or other project type. The app also allows for the easy upload and sorting of multiple file versions. Trying to remember what bridge chords your demo originally had? Need to compare final mix and master options? Store and access every version of your recording in one spot.

What is Tonic Audio? Store and access every version of your recording.

Once your music is uploaded, share it! Bandmates, co-writers, producers, and other collaborators can comment on any point in the timeline of your song. Don’t want commenting? You can disable it per song, or limit it to select people. Whether you need feedback from a friend or are pitching to a record label, Tonic offers an easy way to share your music with the world.

So what is Tonic Audio? Tonic is the home for all your musical ideas and the simplest way to share them. Learn more about what Tonic can do for you and try out the app at tonicaudio.com.

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By Mike Powers

Mike is a composer, arranger, and artist manager who writes for Tonic Audio.