How to Create a Remix Challenge

Music is not a competition but sometimes challenging yourself to create something that’ll get honest feedback is a great way to build your confidence. Yay for confidence! Something all of us could use a little more of ✨. Tonic Audio is ideal for creating a remix challenge with friends. Here are some steps to get started:

  1. Choose the source material: Select a song or a piece of music that you and your friends will be remixing. Make sure you have the right to use the material if it’s copyrighted.
  2. Set the rules: Decide on the rules for the challenge. For example, you can set a time limit for the remixes, specify the format, and determine the judging criteria.
  3. Pick a name for the contest and create a new community on the Tonic Audio App with that name.
  4. Invite participants: Invite your friends to participate in the challenge. You can do this via social media, email, or text by sharing a Tonic Audio Community invite link.
  5. Share the source material: Provide the source material to all participants.
    • Create a new song in Tonic Audio and edit song permissions to allow remixing (the song needs to be public for this).
    • Next, upload the stems to the song to use it as a repository.
    • Then, share the link in your community and have your friends download the media file(s).
    • Your friends can now remix to their liking and upload their files to their own song, then they can share the song link back in your Tonic Audio community (All in one place and DAW-agnostic! Woo!)
  6. Set a deadline: Set a deadline for participants to submit their remixes.
  7. Review the submissions and give feedback to the participants, all inside of Tonic Audio: Inside your community, you can communicate with the participants just as you would inside an app like Slack or Discord.
    • Simply have participants upload their remix to a new song and have them share that link in your community (make sure the song is public).
    • Once all submissions are in, review them according to the judging criteria you set.
  8. Choose a winner: Select a winner based on the judging criteria. You can either have the participants vote for the winner or choose a judge to make the final decision.
  9. Share the remixes: Finally, share the remixes with your friends and beyond!
    • You can upload them to social media and streaming platforms, or share them privately with your friends.
    • Want to capture what everyone’s saying? When you share a song using a Tonic Audio share link, you can capture any and all feedback and comments when you enable song commenting in song permissions. How cool!

Remember to have fun and encourage creativity throughout the challenge. Good luck and happy remixing!

By Ethan Clift

Ethan is Co-founder and CEO of Tonic Audio. His favorite things to do are sew quilts, take walks, make music, and his morning ritual of waking with Evie June, feeding the animals, coffee + a jaunt to the dog park with the pocket-sized Yorkies. His favorite tool is a Nintendo Wii controller Allison hacked for him to use to control a synth during live performances.