The Remix: Monthly meetups for DIY Musicians

This month we’re starting a new thang! Collaboration is one of the best kept secrets in music.

This month’s meetup is in Reno, our hometown, at a local spot called Craft. Craft is known for having the largest collection of unique beer, wine, and spirits in the Reno/Tahoe Basin. It’s a low-key atmosphere with picnic tables where you can hopefully just relax and let your guards down. We will kick off the event with a set by a local musician–this month it is former American Idol contestant Grace Hayes. Katy Perry called her a “wordsmith,” and Time Magazine named her a “wellspring of comedic content”. This multi-instrumentalist will leave you in awe with her self-deprecating humor and extraordinary generational talent for performing her socks off.

Our hope is that musicians of all types will come out and mix it up with other musicians. The thing with music is that there are all sorts of levels of proficiency and when you get a diverse group of folks together, you never know what can happen. You may be a producer looking for a lyricist, or a songwriter looking for a producer. You may be really fantastic at writing lyrics in a notebook, but have no idea how to use a DAW to arrange a song. We know that it takes all different types of people with different skill sets to build a song from start to finish. We hope you will find other like-minded folks in order to go further faster.

We will also be demo-ing our collaboration app, in case you wanna give it a spin. But no pressure, this event is to serve the music community and provide a space for people to find what they are looking for that will get them to the next level. If you have any ideas on how we can help the community, give us a shout. Our email is

In case you’re really curious about our app and want to see if it is a tool that would be useful for you on your songwriting journey, and would like to beta test it, you can go here and sign up!

By Ethan Clift

Ethan is Co-founder and CEO of Tonic Audio. His favorite things to do are sew quilts, make art, make music, and his morning ritual of waking with Evie June, feeding the animals, coffee + a jaunt to the dog park with the pocket-sized yorkies). His favorite tool is a Nintendo Wii controller Allison hacked for him to use to control a synth during live performances.