Generative Music

Generative Music (Without AI), Part 1 AI has been grabbing the lion’s share of headlines lately, as any new technology does. However, did you know there are other techniques besides AI? Some of these are old, some are new—but ALL can stimulate creativity and don’t require any programming or the most powerful GPUs currently available.… Continue reading Generative Music

Musical Collaboration Terms: Pt. 2

Last blog, we looked at some terminology used in audio collaborations. This time, we’re going to look at some of the terms used while recording, and break them down for you. Processes Recording Common Effects These are just a few examples of recording terminologies. The world of audio recording and production is vast, and there… Continue reading Musical Collaboration Terms: Pt. 2

Five Podcasts Every Musician Needs to Listen To

What are the best podcasts for musicians? Whether you’re looking to improve your songwriting or record on a budget, there’s something on this list worth listening to. And we promise there are more podcasts for musicians besides Song Exploder. 1. The Future of What Before she was the president of the Music Business Association, host… Continue reading Five Podcasts Every Musician Needs to Listen To