Four Creative Ways to Get The Most Out of Tonic Audio

Tonic Audio is more than an app for musicians to store, share, and collaborate on music. It’s a tool designed to compliment your personal creative process.

Tonic is here for however you like to make music. How can musicians get the most out of the app?

1. Get creative with tracks

Tracks offer a simple way to store multiple versions of your song, allowing you to record and reference its full journey from demo to master. But really, you can upload any audio you want to a track. Get creative! Maybe you include those voice memos where you word vomited all your ideas for the song. You could upload live recordings of it from last week’s open mic. Maybe you just upload the individual guitar, bass, drums, and vocal parts to a song. Think of tracks as a home for any kind of audio related to your music.

2. It’s Tonic Audio. That means more than just music!

Tonic Audio is more than an easy way to store and share music—you can use the app for any kind of audio you want. Starting a podcast? Record your episodes and use Tonic to organize them! Each track could be a different edit, mix, or entire episode. Just got back from a super cool musician’s conference? Upload your recordings and use timestamp commenting to take notes on the sessions. The audio world has expanded beyond just music, so get creative with what you store and share on Tonic.

3. Decide what “Projects” mean to you

In Tonic, songs are stored within the larger category of projects. Use these projects in a way that works for you to customize your experience with Tonic. A project might be an album or EP with its corresponding songs. It could be your entire band, with any and all of the group’s songs stored within. You could dedicate a project to the first season of your podcast, where each “song” is actually an episode. Projects are merely a way to organize your recordings in a simple, accessible fashion. Use them in whatever way best compliments your creative workflow!

4. Share your music with more than just collaborators

Tonic allows you to quickly share your music with co-writers, bandmates, and producers. With timestamp commenting, they can easily provide feedback and suggestions on your music. This makes the app an asset to the collaborative process, but you can do more by editing your permissions settings. Disable commenting to create a secure streaming link for journalists, labels, talent buyers, or anyone else you need to pitch to. Don’t worry—they don’t need an account to stream your music on Tonic!

Check out this blog post for more information about what Tonic Audio can do for you. And don’t forget to read through the rest of our blog for information that every DIY musician needs to know!

By Mike Powers

Mike is a composer, arranger, and artist manager who writes for Tonic Audio.