The Myth of “Selling Out”

“Selling out.” This is an idea I’ve been thinking a lot on since my discussion with Alex Coronfly last week. The term describes musicians who have supposedly compromised their artistic integrity by signing with a major label, gaining mainstream popularity, aggressively marketing their music, or generally participating in commercial activity. Its modern usage dates back… Continue reading The Myth of “Selling Out”

Adele & Lorde, Masters of Email Marketing

Almost exactly one month ago, Facebook and Instagram went down, becoming completely unusable. The crash was notable not just because of its range, but its duration. For six hours, people couldn’t post on Facebook or Instagram, message through WhatsApp, or sign into Facebook-reliant services. Music and technology writer Cherie Hu noted the outage’s particular challenge… Continue reading Adele & Lorde, Masters of Email Marketing

November Calendar of Events

Hi there! We’ve been cooking up a lot at Tonic Audio over the last month that we’re excited to finally share. The biggest news? We’ve relaunched our Discord! The redesigned server has a handful of new channels designed to better help musicians and podcasters get feedback on their work, find collaborators, and share what they’re… Continue reading November Calendar of Events

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Essential Books for Musicians: 2 You Know, 2 You Don’t

These books speak for themselves, helping DIY musicians become better artists and entrepreneurs. 1. How to Build a Sustainable Music Career And Collect All Revenue Streams, by Emily White This book is the most straightforward guide to recording, releasing, and monetizing your music. White offers step-by-step instructions for what to do in every phase of… Continue reading Essential Books for Musicians: 2 You Know, 2 You Don’t

Do I need a manager?

You’ve written and recorded some songs, and have been performing all around your city. You just got over 500 Instagram followers—congrats! What’s next? For many people, management seems like the next step. You might be asking yourself, “Do I need a manager?” After all, you’re a pro musician now! The short answer? No, you probably… Continue reading Do I need a manager?

What is Tonic Audio?

Tonic Audio is an application for your computer that serves as a home for all your musical ideas. With Tonic, organize your projects, instantly share music files with collaborators, and add stems to your songs. Store your music with up to 1TB of space available—no more deleting voice memos to free up space. Tonic’s interface… Continue reading What is Tonic Audio?

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