A Collaboration Platform

A good audio collaboration platform is a powerful tool, one that should help collaborators communicate, share files, and work together on projects more effectively. It should be easy to use, secure, and scalable. The best ones also offer a community where you can interact with other musicians directly and find like-minded people. Fortunately, Tonic Audio… Continue reading A Collaboration Platform

Examples Of Musical Collaboration

Audio collaboration is a wide topic, with many interconnected pieces, so we’re going to start breaking those pieces down for you. It’s easier to wrap your mind around things in “chunks,” so let’s begin with the basic question, “With whom do I collaborate, and what exactly do they do?” We’ll also explain the basic music… Continue reading Examples Of Musical Collaboration

Finding your audience—the best goal for musicians in 2022.

If you’re a musician still deciding on goals for 2022, we’ve got one for you: audience development. In 2022, your audience is your most important asset. Not everyone will take this seriously. After all, “developing your audience” doesn’t sound quite as sexy as writing more songs or increasing your follower count (followers aren’t necessarily the… Continue reading Finding your audience—the best goal for musicians in 2022.

Networking for Musicians

Networking can be challenging for musicians, especially if you’re starting from zero. But good music isn’t made in a vacuum, and any remotely successful musician has their own support system. Where do you begin developing your musical community? Find those open mics! Open mics are a great way to meet local musicians. They’re free and… Continue reading Networking for Musicians

The Myth of “Selling Out”

“Selling out.” This is an idea I’ve been thinking a lot on since my discussion with Alex Coronfly last week. The term describes musicians who have supposedly compromised their artistic integrity by signing with a major label, gaining mainstream popularity, aggressively marketing their music, or generally participating in commercial activity. Its modern usage dates back… Continue reading The Myth of “Selling Out”

Adele & Lorde, Masters of Email Marketing

Almost exactly one month ago, Facebook and Instagram went down, becoming completely unusable. The crash was notable not just because of its range, but its duration. For six hours, people couldn’t post on Facebook or Instagram, message through WhatsApp, or sign into Facebook-reliant services. Music and technology writer Cherie Hu noted the outage’s particular challenge… Continue reading Adele & Lorde, Masters of Email Marketing

Do I need a manager?

You’ve written and recorded some songs, and have been performing all around your city. You just got over 500 Instagram followers—congrats! What’s next? For many people, management seems like the next step. You might be asking yourself, “Do I need a manager?” After all, you’re a pro musician now! The short answer? No, you probably… Continue reading Do I need a manager?