Unexpected Musical Collaborations

Determining whether or not an audio collaboration is unexpected can be tricky. ‘Unexpected’ is such a subjective term, isn’t it? However, at Tonic Audio we like doing the unexpected, so we’re going to take a shot at it. Here are a few examples of relatively recent collaborations that could be unexpected: These are just a… Continue reading Unexpected Musical Collaborations

Behind the Music: Maita

Ethan got a chance to talk to Maria Maita-Keppeler aka MAITA who is a singer-songwriter living in Portland. She’s the kind of songwriter who takes you on magnificent, moody, melodic journeys with her lyrics and her music. She is a recent signee to the Kill Rock Stars label and her label debut record Best Wishes… Continue reading Behind the Music: Maita

Behind the Music: Simon Barber

Ethan interviewed the songwriter, songwriting expert, and co-host of the essential songwriting podcast, Sodajerker, Simon Barber. That’s a tongue twister! Although we can’t say “songwriting” that many times and fast, we don’t have to, because Simon’s creative and academic life is dedicated to the study of the craft, and has much to say. This interview… Continue reading Behind the Music: Simon Barber

Behind the Music: Iain Watson

Iain Watson is a spoken-word artist, beatmaker, MC, producer, and teacher based in Reno, NV. We spoke to Iain about all the intersections of his artistry, which lead to a thoughtful conversation that discusses how Iain uses his different music interests to defeat creative blocks, and how everyone’s growth as a creator is different (including… Continue reading Behind the Music: Iain Watson

Behind the Music: Royce Hall

Ethan talked to Royce Hall, a genre-bending Afro-futuristic/Black Liberation Soul/Funk/Hip-Hop music recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer, MC , vocalist, and actor based in Atlanta, GA (dang, impressive!). We’re inspired by how enmeshed in music they are since birth, and their expansive artistic pursuits. This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity. All photos courtesy… Continue reading Behind the Music: Royce Hall

Behind the Music: Mia LeBlon

Mia Leblon is a singer-songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. We interviewed this highly talented writer, performer, and advocate for others in the music industry about her process and her passion for music. We love the way music flows through her: she contains an “irrepressible enthusiasm, a genuine belief in the healing power the music–not just hers,… Continue reading Behind the Music: Mia LeBlon

Behind the Music: Grace Hayes

Grace Hayes is a multifaceted performance artist from Reno, Nevada. We interviewed this comedic songwriter, producer, poet, musician, model, actress, American Idol alumni, TEDx speaker, and internationally viral content creator to find out what makes her tick (and how her tiktok makes us laugh so much)! Ava: What drives you to make music? Grace: I… Continue reading Behind the Music: Grace Hayes